Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas Eve is here!

Advent flew by this year, for me at least.

Where were you this morning?
We were at the doctors and filling prescriptions.

My lil sweet baby has a "horrible, terrible ear infection with a bulging disc. If we waited one more day, it'd of burst." Can you believe that? So, that was the reason he was up from 1am-9am AWAKE the other night. No matter how many children one mommy can have, illnesses are always tricky. I told the pediatrician how horrible I felt that he was in so much pain and I felt horrible that I waited till today to bring him in. He reassured me that it must have happened in the last 24 hours and not to worry and he was glad I brought the lil bambino in. What a great pediatrician we have! We love him so and are so grateful to God for him!

My in-laws just left after a short but very happy and memorable visit... with gifts of course! My 3 boys got remote controlled cars and a remote controlled truck for my oldest.

"This is the BEST day ever!!!" they all exclaimed. (Just you wait till tomorrow kids!!!) and my girls got a stencil and make- up- doll -thing and a leap frog toy that teaches (in a fun way- I love these educational toys!!!). Grandparents are great!

So, what is your husband doing right now?
Is he there too?
Is he out shopping, like mine is right now?

It never fails, no matter how many times every year I tell him throughout Advent that he should go out to shop, or stop at this or that store before coming home, it never changes. My hubby always waits till Christmas Eve -ha! Funny thing did MY DAD and so does my father- in -law and my brother and just about any other male I know of! haaa haaa! LOL! Men!

We are also planning to bake cookies today-probably sugar cookies that the children can decorate and some chocolate chip cookies too! yum! Have to make them for Santa-we can't forget Santa's cookies!

Best go now. Thanks for the prayers the other day. We are all on the mend-Praise God! And in time for Christmas!!!

I wonder what time my kids will actually go to sleep tonight!?!? I have LOADS of presents to wrap since my one whole week the kids have kept me busy being sick! The joys of parenting around Christmas time! I love it!

God bless,


kathy said...

I hope Your little one feels better soon.I hope You and your family have a holy and happy Christmas!

Book Lover said...

Your little ones are so lucky to have such a fun and loving mom. Hope the baby is all better soon!! Nothing hurts them like a bad ear infection. Have a wonderful Christmas!


Kim Chrisman