Thursday, December 17, 2009

Small Successes and STUFF!

WOW! I just realized that I am very close to a landmark number for blogs! I am 10 posts away from post #500! Wow! That is incredible! Hope you are enjoying it as much as I am.

Okay, back to the show... (heeee heee)

I have to post this b/c it struck me so very funny.

You will find my 4 year old daughter and my almost (about a month and a half from being 3!) 3 year old son playing together. Sometimes not so nice- siblings! - and other times wonderfully- so good together that it would knock your socks off! Yesterday was one of those days.

The afternoon after nap time can bring a very crabby (that is being nice) almost 3 year old or can bring a very rested and fun loving 3 year old. One never knows. In fact, I am bit overwhelmed with anxiety sometimes as I walk down the hall to get this munchkin up, not knowing which I will encounter. Ya know, typical 3 year olds.

Yesterday was a terrific day-in the morning we went out with some friends for a 'school field trip' to a museum to view creches and nativities from around the world. Getting ready for Christmas plus a beautiful sunny, but cold, day (meaning roads were clear!) and a day that I just knew was necessary for us to get out and about to learn. It was just the 'get outside of the house' type of day. So, we went.

Apparently, that was a superb idea b/c this particular child has a need to be with the people. Really. He is a real people person. (More on that another day, another post). It was just what this little guy needed b/c when he woke up, it was as if he won a million dollars! This kid was so full of joy and happiness! I loved it! He went off to play with his 'bigger' sister (by age, not by weight or height!). They played so lovely together for a ridiculous hour and a half. They had their little family they were taking care of: a stuffed elephant and a stuffed bear. It warmed my heart to see them together, talking, playing, enjoying each other's company so very much.

Then I had to laugh and could not stop, as I heard him say to his 4 year old sister "C'mon, girl! Let's go!" It cracked me up and I was hysterical! Just thought you'd laugh too.

On to the real reason I wanted to post but was sidetracked by my funny kidos...

Good Job Moms!
...over at Faith & Family Live- click HERE.
1. I committed and actually made the attendance for my oldest son (and I) at an astronomy class! Sounds sophisticated, huh?! Heee heee! Another local homeschooling Dad is offering an astronomy class and about 8-10 kids are involved in it. It was great, my son absolutely loved it. He is quite a student and loves a good challenge and loves to learn. I am so glad that we can help and provide him with this! Thanks be to God that this is happening for him!
2. I am trying to be ahead of the game and plan the children's outfits for Christmas. So not to leave the decision making and finding clean clothes on Christmas Eve. So far, I have only 1 outfit picked out but I am getting to the rest -5 more- hopefully today!
3. Success is having time....uhm, rather, making time to talk with my hubby. We both know and believe it as such a priority in marriage and making it a point to be united in everything we are doing. this requires hard work and I am so grateful we had some great talks this week....albeit at 5:30am...but nonetheless, they happened!
So, what are yours? check out more at the link above.
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Young Mom said...

It is so cute to watch little siblings play with each other, I am usually stifling my laughter at their antics. And Yay for talking time with hubby! So very important and so easy to let slip.

ViolinMama said...

I love when siblings play!

I love the astronomy class! Good for you for signing him up. It sounds great! This is what excites me about homeschooling! I hope to next year!