Friday, December 4, 2009

Overheard this morning...

...while 3 of my kids were sitting on a huge pile of clean laundry (why, oh why is it always a pile of clean laundry?! well, anyway...)

My almost 6 year old son (Kid #3) was saying to 4 year old (Kid #4) daughter:

"If we ever have another baby, that baby will be your buddy. But for now, your buddy is Jesus, okay?"

How incredibly sweet, huh?!?!

We have a buddy system in our house-most 'big' families have them-basically b/c without this system, things would not go as smoothly, or just would not get done. In our family, we rely on the bigger kids to help out their little buddies with a few things:
  • shoes on/off
  • getting them drinks/water
  • helping put their clothes away
  • helping them w/a few of their chores
  • holding hands while crossing the street or going to Mass or the stores

I have seen my bigger kids blossom w/responsibility and see them realize how important they are in our family. Of course, sometimes the whining abounds but for the most part, it really does work out just fine.

The buddies see themselves as special friends, special helpers to one another. Seeing them 'buddies' absolutely melts my heart and I hope and pray they always have this special bond between them. Always.

God bless,

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