Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Toy Review Tuesday

Toy Review Tuesday
Wooden Blocks
--all shapes and sizes, but especially those big natural wooden blocks we all used to play with and learn with in kindergarten centuries ago! (yikes...that makes us all feel o-l-d! sorry!)
all ages can play
boys and girls love to play with them
even moms and dads and grandparents love to play with them
kid tested-mother approve
heavy and can be used as a dangerous weapon (just sayin'!)
takes up lots of room to store them
Why did it take me so long to post about these? I have no idea. What I do have to say is that these are just about the best toy around-my 1 year old and even my 9 year old still plays with them. They can create doll houses, garages, apartments, towers, spaceships for Star Wars figures etc...
My kids play with them every single day-even many times a day. We got our huge stash at 2 different tag sales but for a very cheap price of like 10-20$! compared to what stores sell them at! A dear friend gave us her stash that started us off when my oldest was only about 1-2 years old and I have been adding to it every since, wherever I see them at tag sales.
Go HERE to see more!
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