Saturday, December 19, 2009

Please pray

Can you spare a prayer for us?
I'd really appreciate it.

My youngest 3 have some nasty stomach bug for the last day or so and it continues... I hope that the rest of us do not get it; but if we do, I pray it is fast and gets out of this house quickly! Christmas is approaching so soon and we are expecting family from out of state.

Loads of laundry, lots of cleaning, lots of throwing out in the trash, lots of ginger ale, lots of oyster crackers and saltines. Lots of not so good stuff.

BTW...20 inches of SNOW is expected over this weekend and it is 20* right now!

We put up our Christmas tree this morning and the lights are on it, along side 2 children on the couch with buckets next to them. Despite the sicknesses that are abounding, the Christmas songs are on and the spirit is a movin'!

Make the most of your weekend getting ready for Jesus' Birthday!

God bless,

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