Monday, December 14, 2009

Moooooooo cow

We've been trying to teach our baby (who is almost 15 months!) some words other than just "Dadda" and "Mom Mom"-isn't that one cute enough? No, he does not say the popular Momma but "Mom Mom"! Too cute for words.

This morning we were working on some animal farm lacing from Melissa & Doug (pssst... FYI-great toy for a small child in your family!). He loved holding onto the cow and I was teaching him how to say "Mooooooooo" and he was trying and trying. My oldest came over and tried to teach him too then stopped mid-sentence with a very profound comment. "Mom, ya know...your name and the moooo of a cow are so similar. But, of course you look nothing like a cow, Mom."

Well, thanks big buddy. That was the most terrific polite comment that I have heard in a long time! ha! LOL!

God bless,


Maurisa said...

Like :-)

Book Lover said...

Cute!! You are so fortunate to have such wonderful children at Christmas!! I'm sure you know that:)

Kim Chrisman

Mary @ CHeerios said...

Thank you! Kids surely do say the craziest things! Good thing for this blog to keep it a memory ;)
God bless, Happy and holy Advent wishes,
Mary @ Cheerios