Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Big surprise for my 11 yr old

We surprised my 11 yr old to an unforgettable night on Sunday night.  We totally surprised him and I love surprises, don't you??? Well, I know some people do not... but I am a huge fan of them!!! I love to give them and get them!

Last minute, we changed our plans slightly and instead, we decided, as a family, to make the trek out to see the great composer/musician ERIC GENIUS.  Do you know of him?  If not, why not?!?!

CLICK HERE to see his website and listen to some of his most beautiful, inspiring and totally God given talent and music and learn about him. 

My 11 yr old son is a big fan of his.  Last summer he picked up one  of his CD's and has listened to it daily ever since. 

What a great role model he is!!!

We had a long drive up and got up there much earlier than anticipated, along with all the terrible rain we endured, thanks be to God.  I asked him to come with me and as we walked up the stairwell, still wondering what we were doing as a surprise, I pointed to the sign/poster.  He looked at it then looked at me.....looked at it then looked at me...then smiled enormously.  At that smile, I said enthusiastically, "Come on!!! Let's go!" and ran up the rest of the stairs and ran up behind me, both of us like 11 yr olds!

Little did we know...we were the first ones there!  We went in and there he was!!!

A sudden 'almost- teenager -cool' came upon him, but I know this child of mine, and for sure his insides were doing somersaults!!!

They shook hands and talked briefly.  I even got a picture of them together.  What a blessing! This is like a once in a lifetime experience!!!  Thank You God.

My own 11 yr old self was ecstatic for him!!!

Oh, how I knew he would always remember this moment.  How fortunate and blessed I felt to be there with him.  It was all God to make this happen.  This was something very much out of our comfort zone, for many reasons.  But, for him and for our family, we knew we had to go to this concert.

And it was totally worth every effort.  Every frustration.  Everything!

I love the joy of 11 yr olds! It is so contagious.

My 11 yr old is now even more energized to keep practicing and playing the piano.  He has a God given gift and I am so thankful for him to be following in Eric Genuis' footsteps!

God bless,

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