Saturday, April 14, 2012

My day of great finds!

Phew!  That last post I wrote was a bit on edge and a bit serious.  But, that is life and so there you have it. 

Just to note, we had an awesome day today.  Which, thanks be to God, was an answer to my prayers according to my last post, huh?  God is good.  He KNOWS what we need!!! Today was much needed.

Due to a major necessity, I managed to miraculously get out and about to a bunch of yard sales- even before the kids were all up!!!  I made our usual homemade waffle mix, left it out on the table and motioned to my early bird hubby, who was busy doing the bills at that early hour,  that I was off for the morning.   (Oh how I love LOVE this man of mine!:P)

We go through high chairs like water.  I stand in awe of other big families that have the same high chair for 3, 4, 5 kids in a row.  Uh, how on earth DO they DO it?!?!?!?  My big purchase was a new high chair.  Well, new to us, that is.  It was my #1 objective of the day and I conquered it by 7:30am!!!  That is a huge accomplishment and I am so happy and so thankful.  It is very sturdy so I am hopeful it will last for a while.  The negative aspect about it is that is a big and chunky.  I went online to see if I could find a picture of it and I couldn't.   I guess that says how old it probably is! haa haa!!! :) 

Along with my finds, I picked up about 10 more matchbox cars (a momma of boys can NEVER have enough cars) and 2 of the sweetest dresses for my lil' Lady.  She is so darling in them.  I love to see my girls in dresses and they love to wear them!

This afternoon was a great adventure for us. On the eve of Divine Mercy Sunday, we as a family, gave of our time-2 plus hours- by decorating and packing up boxes for the homeless, the poor, the needy and the elderly.  It was something we could do AS A WHOLE FAMILY so we did it!!! Even my youngest 15 mo. old got in on the fun.  She was putting soap in the boxes-it was so cute!  All my kids were amazing.  Never underestimate what a child can do, right?   They are so driven when they see a need and act on it.   They really did surprise my husband and I.  They were the last ones there helping to pack up the truck and all.  They counted 791 boxes to be distributed!  It was beautiful and we are so blessed to have been a part of it. 

We ended our day by stopping and actually eating IN chick-fil-a!!!  What a treat!  Usually, I don't have enough gutso to go IN so I normally do the drive thru.  But with hubby by my side, we did it  and the kids had a blast.  What a great reward for  all the help they gave.

This was a day that we all needed.   To get out, think about others, be a part of something much larger than our 4 walls.  God is so good to have allowed this to happen for us.  I think it will make a great and memorable impression. 

As my 3 yr old repeatedly told us the last 15 minutes of packing up the boxes:

"Oh how I love this day.  I just love it!"

This 3 yr old reminded me how I need to say this EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Out of the mouths of babes...

God bless,

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