Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Forgiven, here have a scone.

This week always makes me think more deeply about how amazing God's love is for me. 

How true that He turns the nasty and gross into BEAUTIFUL. 
How He forgives and forgives over and over again.
He freely gives mercy to me, and to you, to all.
All we need to do is seek Him, ask Him, and let Him change our hearts, our wills, to make them more like His.

An ongoing issue with one of my kids is reacting with negativity, complaints, and anger outbursts.  We have been working on this for a while now.  We are all hoping for change for the better. 

We cry, we pray, we hope.

We are trying.

This morning, not to my surprise it happened again.  Over what?  A school assignment.  That's what.  Not surprising.  None of us really enjoy doing things we don't want to do.  But what does God call from us?  Obedience to His Will.  This is not easy.  Actually, it is usually the opposite.  It is hard work.  Continually hard.  Even for adults. 

A saint-in-the-making.  This child was not happy and let us all know that is was not on the plan for the school day for this child. 

Not acceptable, my child. 

"Now, you must double that work assignment." is how I responded.  (I'm so nice, huh?)

Imagine how this child responded once again. 

"Now, no snack." I said in reply.

Stomping off, this child went.  Head down, arms full of school books, breathing hard and finally exited the room.

My thoughts started up....
This is so not fun.  This is not how I envision schooling at home.  This is not what I want for my child of mine.  I love this child.  I don't want to make this child do school work, never mind double the work.  But I have no choice.  We all have things in life we don't want to do.  But we have to.  It is His Will for you.  Keep strong.  Don't give up.  Don't give in.

Who can do school work with an empty stomach?

It's time for forgiveness.
...And a hearty chocolate scone snack. 
It's time for mercy.
For love and hugs and sweet tender looks of "I understand".
I think this child will forgive me.

I think it sure is time for Confession.  For all of us.

God bless,

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