Thursday, April 12, 2012

So I am not crazy wanting a "McMansion"!


God bless,

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Tina Marie said...

Even if I wanted a McMansion, we couldn't afford one in this city. Way over a million bucks for 2700 square feet.

Besides that, how would we keep it clean? I am a practical gal and that is way too much house for a gaggle of kids to spread out in. lol

Our home is a bungalow under 1000 sq. ft with a finished basement, making it about 1400 sq ft. of useable space. We have only one tiny bathroom and we are a family of almost 7. I love this tiny house. We hoard less than we would if we had a bigger house, we'll be debt free sooner and this house is perfect for two old folks.

Being a farmer's daughter, I also see it like this, smaller houses = less farmland that has to be destroyed to build McMansions that are rarely ever enjoyed and just slept in. I was in one recently (a colleague of hubby's) and it had only three bedrooms! Huge kitchen in which the microwave is the only used cooking appliance. A waste if you ask me. Just my 2 cents.