Monday, April 2, 2012

A hard habit to break

As I am laying my 3 yr old down for his daily nap, he says to me

 "Oh, I love to go to sleep.   And I love chocolate."

Now, that is a kid after my own heart!!!  Just like his Momma!!! He is SO MY SON! :P

So, yes, my 3 yr old still takes a nap every single day.  Sanity for this Momma, let me tell you.  He is the cutest 3 yr old twerp around but he is also the most strong willed 3 yr old I have ever met.  So, those daily naps are a must for me to be able to cool down to deal with him for the 2nd part of the day!

Yes, my 3 yr old still sleeps in a crib.  Why shall we spend $ on a twin size bed that takes up too much room in our small bedrooms anyway?  Did I mention that he is a twerp?  Why, yes he is and that is another super good reason that he sleeps in a crib still....b/c he can fit in it!

And that chocolate comment?   So what if I bribe my 3 yr old to take a nap by giving him some sort of chocolate.  What?  You wouldn't do that if you had a strong willed kido like mine?  Ha ha! :P

Talking about naps and chocolate...I could really go for some yummy chocolate but it is Holy Week and I already broke that "no sweets this Holy Week sacrifice" already-I snagged a Cadbury chocolate egg for me all the while I was getting one for my 3 yr old.  Oh, those human tendencies can be so cruel.

To those young inexperienced mommy's out there-do not think I have it all together b/c this was a learned by lots of mistakes and practice. 

You may be wondering how in the world do I get my 3 1/2 yr old to still nap (besides the chocolate bribe!?)?  The kido goes to bed a bit later than hubby and I hope for.  It is also b/c my oldest is getting a bit older (11 1/2), and he is just not ready to fall asleep and stay quiet (he's a chatterbox) till later, at least 9:30, which is not too late for many people but for us-we are ready to go to sleep by 8/8:30!HA!  Instead of fighting my 3 yr old to be quiet and get to sleep, I have embraced it by reading to him and his 2 big sisters and loving on him, without Lil' Lady around, b/c she goes to sleep around 8pm.  BTW, we realized that they do not sleep well and end up having a really restless sleep if we fight them to go to sleep and it was not worth getting them down earlier just for us to be up w/them in the night!  I do know if I did not give him that daily 1 hour nap, that he could probably get to bed earlier, my quiet time and sanity is much more worth it at this point!

So, as much as he is a super cutie, he is also a lot of hard work.  But well worth it and wouldn't trade it for anything.  And now that he is napping, I must go rest up to tackle the rest of my day!

God bless your day,


Tina Marie said...

Your post is so funny. I took the opposite route with my 2 year old. We don't let him sleep in the afternoons because he is terrible to get to bed at night. If he crashes on his own, fine, but I can't get him to sleep for a nap. I haven't tried chocolate, though. hmmmmmm He sleeps in a big boy bed (aka crib turned toddler bed, but I regret it sometimes.

What we don't do as moms sometimes to keep our sanity! What works for one kid, just doesn't work for the next. When you think you've got it figured out they throw you a curveball. I love being a mom and it is good to see that others can see the lighter side of the difficult moments, too.

God Bless and thanks for sharing. Hope his naps lasts long enough for you to relax or get some stuff done.

Maurisa said...

Ha, Mary! I think you should do whatever it takes to keep your sanity! A chocolate bribe can go a loooooong way! During my youngest's nap, I hang out in the same room as him and everyone else is under strict orders to remain SILENT! This gives me nearly 2 hours of quiet time and I certainly do need it to keep my sanity!

Mary @ Cheerios said...

You both are so right!!! It's so funny as what we view as acceptable w/the 1st child vs. the more you have!!! SO funny.
Thanks Ladies for the encouragement!
Maurisa-does your youngest nap during those 2 hours in case he needs you to nurse? Do you mean Lil' Lamb? I am so happy to have you nice ladies giving me some great support :)
God bless, Mary @Cheerios