Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Simplify like the Amish

Ever have that desire to simplify your house?  Yeah, me too.  Most of the time, actually!:) 

I walk around thinking if we just didn't have this much 'stuff' then we wouldn't have such a messy crazy house.  Then quickly, I reassure myself by saying it is b/c of having 7 young children that I have to have 2 or 3 of most things that families have only 1 of.  It makes sense, right?  Well, I am still trying to convince myself of this as I stumble of millions of matchbox cars, blocks and laundry strewn throughout our house.  So, what is this mother of many to do?!

Go check out the Amish, that's what.  Not actually going there but  researching how they do it and exactly what they do. 

Those Amish are so intriguing, aren't they?

I got a cookbook out on them.  It isn't a book just about recipes, although I did find it with the cookbooks.  This one is different.  Sure, it gives recipes (which I love and happy to note that I must have Amish blood in me or something b/c I make so many of the same foods!  No, really, I do not have amish blood in me...just kidding.)  But this book is a compile of recollections and recipes of an Amish family.  That, to me, is so interesting.

My kids found the 'cookbook' laying on my kitchen counter as I whipped up our first "Amish Chicken Casserole"-it was a thumbs-up for sure.  Easy too.  I was lost at what to make with leftover chicken so I resorted to look into that cookbook and found an easy recipe that I usually do but adding  2 different ingredients than I would have used. 

My kids are enthralled with them too.  They are fascinated with their daily schedule and their hard work and chores.  I think, in a way, they can relate.  Within a big family, there is no getting out of or around chores.  They have to be done.  Period.  In order to survive and have a good flow for our day, chores and responsibilities need to be done.

So, today, they have deemed it to be an Amish day.  My girls in dresses, sweaters and bonnets.  Even the baby is sporting one!  So cute...(and I cannot believe she will be ONE in ONE week!?!!? ) Boys in collared button down shirts, suspenders and all.  Even me, crazy momma, has on a resemblances of Amish wear- a long dark blue jean skirt, dark grey shirt and my pampered chef jean apron.  I figured why not jump in on the fun?!  The look and life of Amish reminds them of Little House on the Prairie and my kids love that too so this is so 'natural' to them to love.

I thought this might be a great way to learn some more about simply living ..."so others can simply live" as that popular saying goes.  And how true it is!

So, back to simplifying our house.  First, I am on a mission to get rid of some books.  We have SO many and I LOVE books and I LOVE to see my kids reading books.  What mom wouldn't?  They are causing great messes and a certain super cute almost 1 yr old is into pulling them down off shelves.  Not fun for it happens so much. 

Simplifying our lives is not just in materialism, for we are removed a bit from the 'real world' already and that gives us ample opportunities to live simply b/c they do not know what they are missing.  Awe...innocence is so beautiful. 

So much to write but since being 'amish' today...I should not even be using this technology! haaa haaaa

God bless,

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NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

We went to Amish country when I was pg w/ Lolli, it's a WONDERFUL experience, you should do it!! I, too, am working on simplifying, but alas, we have a move coming up and I'm working on finding all the stuff I don't want to UNPACK! I'll call you today, I think you're back on electronics!