Saturday, January 7, 2012

Not ticked off....just Laugh a little

I've been having a few of those "Oh, wow, God has truly blessed me with all these kidos" moments.  Those moments that sometimes would drive me nuts but instead, I stop, breathe and revel in it and laugh a little to myself and thank the Almighty for all my 7 (+1) gifts.

He has always blessed me with these moments...but I failed to see them.

Thanks to God, I have a good vision of them lately.  Sick kids and all. 

One of those times happened this morning.

Last night, during our Family Rosary and prayers, my baby girl ~ Lil' Lady was being a bit loud.  (Yeah, how dare she?  haaa) so I gave her my watch.  That lasted 0.8 sec and then it was lost.

Let me tell you, that my watch is like someones planner that they can't live without.

No biggie, I thought.  I'd search for it after they all went to sleep.

Sure enough I did and then it turned into a cleaning fest!  (Lucky for my husband woke to a clean living room!)

Nowhere to be found!

Went to sleep without it, knowing I'd be up for a # of times. 9 to be exact.  Kids sick. 

Kids sick +7 kids=no sleep 

I always check my watch when a kido's a habit.  I know, it's odd. 
Anyway, I had no watch.

That was a bit frustrating! 

This morning, as I am making pancakes and baby and I are sleeping and hubby at Holy Hour...I HEARD IT!

YES!  I had set an alarm for 7am!!! 

I ran around the room, knowing that alarm only lasts a short time and found it as an ornament on my Christmas tree.

Usually, I'd be annoyed.  A bit ticked off.  It would have got me a bit on edge.

Not today.   I smiled.  I laughed.  I put it on.

Thank You God for helping me see the joy.  It hasn't been around for a while. 

Joy?   Please visit again and I hope you stay.

(I think I know why, too.  That, my friends, is for another post.  A heart wrenching post.)

Till next time....God bless,

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