Sunday, January 29, 2012

Prayer Request

Dear all,
I prayerfully ask you to include our sweet Lil' Lady in your prayers tomorrow as she undergoes surgery on her ears.  She is getting 'tubes' in her ears to relieve her fluid accumulation and the many infections.  SO many infections-7 in only a short 6 months!  And to think that she JUST turned ONE years old~!  That sure is a lot for such a young cutie pie.
She cannot eat or drink anything after midnight.  Which means this little one cannot nurse either!  Oh my.  This will be interesting tonigh and tomorrow morning!!! She is having her surgery at 8am.  We need to be there earlier than that, and I am not sure how both she and I are going to manage without the comfort of nursing. 
Without a doubt, I know she needs this.  But, of course any mother does not want to see her little baby go from her arms and just sit back and watch...and pray.  Yes, lots of praying will be happening.
Thanks for the prayers, we appreciate it so much.
Oh!  I need help finding some info...I cannot find anything on the Patron Saint of ears.  Does anyone know of this saint???
God bless,


Kim Chrisman said...


My little granddaughter just had tubes put in her ears. The difference is incredible!! I know it's worrisome to have your child undergo any type of procedure but this is truly worth it:) I will say prayers for her.

Kim chrisman

Ps. Two patron saints of earaches are st Cornelius and St Polycarp

Mary @ Cheerios said...

Thank you so much! All went well this morning and we praise God for this!!!
Thanks again,
God bless,
Mary@ Cheerios