Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's not BAD if things are hard

Over these past few weeks I was convinced in a deeper loving manner of how when life is hard, it does not mean it is bad.  When things in life may be difficult, it does not mean that it is not worth it.

I have been bombarded by others trying to escape the hardships of their life.  For me, instead I am trying deeply to embrace my hardships, as they are very different from theirs... albeit still hardships.  Knowing that it is God's Will for He either is making them happen or is allowing them to happen.  Either way, there is peace.  Believing that in all things, there is a greater good, even if we do not know what it is at that moment or may never know or may never understand the why's of it all.

The most difficult things in life are usually the ones most worth it.

Our world is craving the easy life.  The life that everything goes smoothly and 'their way'.  Of course, if asked if I'd rather have it easy or harder, my human side most definitely says the easy way.

But, in life, in reality, there is not many easy ways around things.  Life is not easy.  There is no easy way out.

Jesus reminds us of that cross that we must pick up to follow Him.  He has the perfect cross for us, no matter what we may think of it. 

And just because I may be upset that life in a big family and being a mother of many young children is difficult....  Well, of course it is.  But that does not mean that it is not worth it.  

Just as someone who trains for a marathon does not enjoy the pain and suffering accustomed to training long and grueling hours.  The outcome is really
good.  Passing that finish line in that marathon
 is certainly worth it.  Worth it so much, that sometimes that runner may even start dreaming of the next marathon.  Much like the mother who just goes through a hard labor and birth may start dreaming of the fruit of their marital love, their next baby. 

Staying married to the love of my life, my husband, is worth it.

Parenting a big family is worth it. 

Homeschooling is worth it.

Our Catholic Faith is worth it.

The end product, our goal, Heaven, is totally worth it.


God bless,

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