Monday, January 30, 2012

All is OK

Dear Friends,
Thanks for praying for our Lil' Lady this morning. 
The surgery went well and it was quick.  VERY QUICK and I praise God for that!  Those 15 minutes were a long 15 minutes for this Momma praying.  While I waited and waited in the waiting room, those 15 mins seemed a whole lot longer. 

It was a great lesson of trust and of surrender...knowing I cannot be in control of every little thing and to shield everything from my sweet baby. 
Feeling so close to Mother Mary as she watched her own Son be bruised, battered, and broken.
Before she went in, we cuddled and did the best we could without any nursing and food/drink.  We sang together, snuggled, me kissing her forehead, caressing her little arms and legs, reassuring her that I am here and will be praying for her while we part.  We waited together, her in my pouch...that 'over the shoulder baby holder' that I hold so dear-it is the BEST thing for motherhood-every mommy needs one!  Those things are priceless.  She was content in my pouch, near me, and all decked out in her light green hospital nightgown.  So cute. 

Watching her be taken by the nurse back to the O.R.  

Feeling so close to Mary at this moment, knowing she is near.

Letting go.  Allowing her to go.  Trusting.  Surrendering. 

Asking her guardian angels to watch over her, asking her patron saints to pray for her.  Leaning on all those prayers that we asked others for.  How powerful.
I knew it had to be done.  Those tubes were a major necessity b/c the docs returned to tell me that there were "tons and tons of infected fluid that was released"  and "it was a massive amount".  Oh, Praise Jesus!!!  Thanks be to God that it is OUT of her!!! 

Thanks for praying...she is resting well now and so will I right about now. 

God bless,

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