Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quick Posts

  1. Kids are all sick...some with fevers, some without.  The price we had to pay to see family over the Christmas season!  But I am so happy I went with my Lil' Lady and drive 4 1/2 hours to see my sister and her family for 2 nights...and I did not even get lost!  We had a great time!  Tylenol is a great invention.  Thank you God for tylenol.  Tylenol, you are my best friend right now.
  2. It is cold outside today.  I mean C-O-L-D as in 15 degrees this morning COLD.  And where are my kids?  All bundled up right now checking out the little ice pond in our woods in the backyard.  My oldest has his ice skates on!  He yelled up to me "Hey Mom!  Ya know the smaller the pond is-the stronger it is!"  Brilliant.  Learning by doing.  Another reason I just love homeschooling.
  3.  I have heard so much "eeny meeeny mineeee mooooo...catch a tiger by his toe...." remember that song?  It abounds everywhere in this house lately.  I guess it is a good way to share other than fighting.  I'll take it.
  4.  Winter projects for this winter is:  Latch Hooking for the 4 oldest kids and reading.  Lots of reading. 
  5. We just finished "The Secret Garden" book and now onto "Betsy and Tacy" book #1.  I am loving this new idea of reading to some of my kids in my bed at night for 30-45mins.  They all love it too and the best thing about it is how they willingly go straight to bed afterwards.  This is my favorite time of the day besides spending time w/my wonderful hubby and eating sweet treats.  Oh, those treats and those pounds.
  6. Talking about pounds.   My darling 2 sisters and I are starting up a BIggest Loser Contest for 8 weeks to see who looses the most pounds.  I bet I am last right now.  How come that Popcorn Factory popcorn has to be so good?  I mean, really.  argh. 
  7. New Years Resolutions.  Love them.  Hate them.  Right?  The best accomplishment is that I made my list light years (well, really just a few days!) before my husband-my goal driven-check off listin'-good disciplined husband!  Now, that is an AWESOME accomplishment that I can check off first! haa haaa :P
  8. Still working through some issues with my miscarriage.  Healthwise I am doing wonderfully.  But emotionally, forget it.  I am a mess...but slowly getting better.  Much better this week than 2 weeks ago.  Holidays can do that, I suppose.  My kids all agreed that our sweet lil' Therese had to have a CHristmas stocking to hang up.  That, pretty much, did me in.  Yeah.  Tough.
  9. Remember I just said how my kids are all out in this COLD?  Well, now my just turned 8 year old is smearing his tongue all over the deck door right now.  Hilarious!  Really reminds me of this from "Christmas Story"!!!  Yikes!!!

Now my kids are in.  They lasted a good 20 mins in this cold.  Yeah!
Bring on some snow!  We're ready.  Hello Winter! :P
God bless,


Katherine said...

We are still praying for you. But I think it is great all your kids wanted their littlest sister to have her own Christmas stocking. I imagine it would be difficult but I would think it would be better than to pretend she wasn't a part of the family or wasn't really a part of all of you. Continuing our prayers...

Mary @ Cheerios said...

Thank you so much for praying. Wow, that means so much!!! Thanks. And you are totally right~! They truly believe her to be a part of our family, if only a short time. It is simply amazing how siblings are! Thanks for the reminder.
God bless,
Mary @Cheerios