Monday, January 23, 2012

Long awaited pics...finally!

Sorry it has taken me SO SO long to post some pics.  My are some I thought I'd share. 
We love to make train tracks and we do when sweet Lil' Lady is napping...otherwise they only last 0.9 sec!!!

We watched a show all about how bridges are Kid #1 decided to try it and WOWEEE!  He did great! :)

A little SNOW goes a LONG way...they were out in this first snowfall for SO long!!!  Fresh air, I love you!

Remember that snowman I told you they made with only a smidge of snow?  Here you have it! Proof!!!

Snow=snowmen AND snowball fights!!!

My 6 yr old avid reader with her little brother that loves her to read to him.  Perfect match ;)

So, since I FINALLY downloaded my 700 pictures off my camera.  OK, I am serious here.  I am not joking!  Actually, it is more than 700 but I forget the actual number.   We love to take pics around here-I love it!  And now my kids love it too...the reason I had downloaded 700!!! :)

More to come, I promise!!!
So much more....birthdays, Christmas, New Years, snow....

God bless,

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