Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cemetary drive by

My 6 yr old says to me in the car...after doing our usual Thursday errand outing.   Mind you, we do this every single Thursday morning:
"Mom, where are we going now?"

I replied with no answer to see if he would say "oh yeah, I remember!" or something to that extent.

Then quickly my oldest replies:

"Oh, c'mon!  You know where we are going!  Just imagine if you were in purgatory.  I mean, you'd really want people to pray for you, right?"


BTW,  on Thursday mornings, we (all 6 kids +1 baby in utero and I) do our errands and always (well, most of the time) do a drive by through the town cemetary and we pray the decade of the Rosary.  I found that this works miracles (literally, probably too!) b/c they are restrained in their seats and cannot get out!  haaa haaa.  Plus, it gives them great memories that I hope will continue to be a tradition in their lives as they grow up.  It is such a simple thing to do, so easy and so helpful to others!!!

God bless,

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