Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quick Takes-Sunday Edition

1.  How do you like the new look of my blog?  The other one was cute, but a bit overloaded with flowers and pastels galore.  My daughter loved it and I could not disappoint her and so I kept it for a while.  But now I found this nice layout and the colors are a bit more relaxing to me.  Seems that lots of things can get on my hormonal nerves lately and that other blog just had to go.  So, do you like this new one?  Either way, I'm keeping it!!! :) LOL

2.  My hubby is at his high school baseball team championship game right now.  What joy for him!  He played in HS and college so to see them get this far and being able to make the game is quite a thrill for him.  I'm pretty excited too!  I hope they win!  And the other good, really good part is that he took 2 of our boys with him to capture the moment.  I am so happy-what a treasure of a daddy and hubby he is!  Love him!

3.  I don't mean to complain but I have to say that this weather pretty much stinks around here.  'Mostly cloudy with scattered thunderstorms likely' has been the forecast for just about the last week.  That means that we've been indoors a lot and if they do go outside, I have to be ready for lots of mud, hence lots of laundry.  I'm really sick of laundry.  (hormonal annoyance again, see?).

4.  We are moving?  Whoops!  Did I say something to get  your ears perked up?  Never a dull moment around here, huh?!?!  Yup, my hubby got a new job and it is a great one.  We feel so blessed and so fortunate.  God has truly been watching out for us and we know He continues throughout this whole carzy orderal fo selling our house.  Quite the test of faith for us.  We continue to surrender, and it is very hard for us to do.  He daily reminds us to trust Him, trust Him, TRUST HIM!

5.  What's up with the birds lately?  I dearly love birds, love watching them, learning about them, and listening to their beautiful music...but not at 4:45am every day.  Thank God I can usually fall back to sleep but having to wake up b/c of birds is just....well, annoying.  I am up enough as it is already.  Let me sleep already.  (sorry!!!)

6.  We have been watching "Chicken Little" movie and we think it is pretty hilarious!  Good laughter is good medicine for our family.  It was much needed!

7.  My cravings have to do with spicy foods and salty foods and vegetables!  Funny how different each pregnancy is!  I am loving a good salad with cheeses and vegetables and loaded with ranch or zesty italian dressing. YUM!  (oh, and of course ice cream too!:)

8.  My due date has changed a wee bit.  Well, I guess it was more my fault of not calculating correctly.  Haa haaa.  With my 7th baby, you'd think I got this all figured out, right?  So wrong!  But good news is that I am further along than I thought and my due date is January 13th :)  That means not so long with the morning/day sickness.  Yay! 

9.  7th child= wearing maternity clothes very early.  my body just flopps out now! haaa haaa.  (Pssst!  I secretly like all my maternity clothing better anyway! haaa haaaa!)

10.  Last quick take, I promise.   And it has to do with this sweet little baby on the way.  Let me introduce you to...(oh man, I was all set to show you the ultrasound pic of our newest baby but I cannot figure out how to do it.  If anyone knows, please let me know b/c you'll be amazed at the picture.  It is so very very clear-the ultrasound tech could not believe how clear it was at 8weeks old to see the head, the eye sockets, the body, arms, legs!)

God bless,


Book Lover said...

Congratulations on the new job! God is sooo good. LOL on the maternity clothes. I remember loving those comfy outfits more than anything. My daughter is due in Sept and she had a 3d ultrasound. They are AMAZING!

Kim Chrisman

Mary said...

Awe! Wonderful news on your grandbaby. That is great. Those 3D ultrasounds are truly awesome. I had some with my 5th baby and I wonder if more moms saw them what they would think about abortion then...
God bless!
Mary @ CHeerios

Kerrie @ TFK said...

Mary...I'm seventeen weeks and my craving is Boneless Buffalo Wings. I pretty much have to eat them twice a week. Which, oddly enough, doesn't give me heartburn. I'm still in my pre-pregnancy clothes, though...very few people believe that I'm pregnant!

Mary said...

Kerri, those sound sooooooo good to me right now!!! YUM! I just told my hubby that I am ready for a second dinner and something spicy or w/ a bang zing zing to them and those buffalo wings would do the trick! Too bad I didn't stock up on them shopping yesterday! Next week I'm buying them! What brand do you get?
God bless,
Mary @ Cheerios