Friday, June 4, 2010

Total shock

Tonight I had to drop off a prescription for my sick lil 6 yr old son...seems that he has an inflammed esophagus and gastritis.  He has been sick for 6 days off and on and I had to bring him to the docs today to find out exactly what is going on.  So glad that I did, b/c it was not a stomach bug that I thought may be the case.

Anyway, I dropped it off thru the drive thru window and gave his date of birth and told him 'no known allergies' and said I'd be back in 20 minutes or so to pick it up. 

So I came back.  The woman clerk assisting the pharmacist (who I have never seen before and we know all of them that work there!!!) claimed that my son has never been to that pharmacy.  Disagreeing with her, she went on to tell me that there was only one child with his name at my address but a different birth date. 

Then I laughed out loud.  Giggling, I told her that I must have mixed up the birthdates and told her the correct one.  I went on to say that having 6 kids will do that to a momma. 

She shook her head and clearly and matter of fact-ly and boldy said "You're crazy!"

No, not the "laughable-somewhat-true-oh-I-wish-I-had -more-kids-and-you -are-a-very-strong-woman-and-your-kids-are-so-adorable" comment. 

Oh no.  This was a totally serious statement

Then I clearly said back to her "I am not crazy! and anyway we have another one on the way too!"

"What?!"  Then her eyes did this dance where one bulged out and the other one did a circle dance while her head was shaking in disbelief.  (I am not kidding).  She then walked away from the window over to the counter.

At this point, feeling very nauseated from the fast food that we all gobbled down, I was not a happy camper with her response.  In fact, I was hurt and felt as though I could throw up right there in front of her.  I was embarrassed thinking that just maybe my kids were being normal kids a bit too loud and rowdy while I was at the window and gave her the impression that I was incapable of controlling my gang.  How dare she say this to me.  What ever happened to commom courtesy and being nice to the customers?  I thought to myself, how much big families get slammed with these remarks but you never hear of a mom with one child being ridiculed for only having one.  What business is it of theirs?  Who knows if that mom would love to have 3 or 4 more but can't and this is a huge cross for her to bear?  Who knows that this momma is happy and feels so very blessed to have  6 wonderful kids and that just maybe it is a cross at times having all these children, but that deep down know that God has called her to this vocation, this mother of a big family...maybe b/c so many are NOT open to having children at all or simply when they find it conveinent?

Ok, so I am a bit hormonal.  And I took her response personally.  I do not know her and probably will never have any type of friendship with this woman.  But I will pray for her, b/c somehow I have a feeling that she is bitter b/c of something in her past and we all need healing.  So I will pray for her, simply b/c Jesus told us to 'pray for our persecutors' and there is great peace in that.

God bless,

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Book Lover said...

Oh Mary, I am so sorry you had to experience such a rude clerk! You're right, she sounds very hurt and bitter over something. If she only knew what a joy and total delight children are! You are such a good christian women to have an attitude of prayer for her. May God bring you a blessing from this.

Kim Chrisman