Monday, June 21, 2010

Quick Takes: Early Summer 2010

1.  We're just busy keeping cool with the humid weather.

2.  Busy enjoying friends' pools.  Thank God for friends with pools!  Sometimes all that is needed is a pool to cool off in for even a half hour.  Does wonders!

3.  Our last day of school was last Friday.  I did not set that in stone till last Tuesday!  I just got to that point and had enough.  We all had enough.  It is summer now.  Time to step back from the heavy duty schooling and enjoy each other without that stress.  What relief!  Ahhhh....I feel like I can breath now.

4.  I bought a bunch of new *washable* markers and big white paper (100 sheets) and my kids are LOVING it!  My son, 6 yr old, is so artistic!  He says he'd like to have an art gallery and show and explain his drawings.  He is so cute!!!  I should post some of those.  Maybe I will.  So check back and see :)

5.  Lots of paper plates being used up.

6.  Lots of ice pops-those rocket pops-'red-white-blue' ones...those are so fun.

7.  Posion Ivy has attacked some of our kids.  I think it was what they were doing HERE. Whoops!  So out comes the calamine lotion and our kids have little pink dots all around!

Note to self:  Make sure you take out all the matchbox cars from your 3 yr old's crib.  If not, if will make some for some really loud tossing and turning all night long!

God bless,

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