Sunday, May 2, 2010

Homeschool Perk

Words simply cannot contain my excitement today! 

My oldest son, 9years old, is going to play at his first ever piano recital!  It is the same feeling that I had with my now 7 year old daughter who danced at her first dance recital-ballet and tap.  Be it that she was almost only 4 years old (yikes!) and there she was on the stage in a huge high school auditorium.  We treated and took both my parents and my husbands' parents to that recital.  That day will forever be etched in my memory as one of the proudest mom moments ever.  Awesome day 4 years ago.

I am overwhelmed with the thoughts of how time flies.  I am ever so grateful for this gift of homeschooling.  I truly believe that if my son was not homeschooled, he would not be taking piano lessons-thus not partaking in this beautiful piano recital today!  You see, all my children truly love music...making it or listening to it.  We knew this and prayed for about 2 years for God to lead us to a piano teacher that would be willing to come to our home to teach my son on the keyboard that someone lent us.  Wouldn't you know it, but the coach of my 2 childrens' soccer team last spring, mentioned that she knew someone who taught piano but has not seen or talked to him in a few years...but then she remembered something...she opened her purse and pulled out her wallet and gave me this old beat up business card of a piano teacher!  I called him this past August and he told me that he did not make house calls for piano lessons but....since we homeschooled....we could be flexible, right?....and anyway.....he was so busy teaching after school time and throughout the evening....he did not have any more free time slots.....but since we homeschool....he could come to our home....early in the day...TO OUR HOME!  Got that?!?!  How cool!  He is fantastic and my son likes him as a teacher. 

Perfect timing.  Perfect match.  Thank You God.

If we did send out kids to school, I know for sure, that our time would be limited to what we could possibly sign our children up for, ie:  extra ciricular activities and since he is so very boy-ish and athletic and full of energy-that extra stuff, for sure, would be a or whatever.  I doubt it highly that it would be piano.  That would be a shame b/c we would never get to see the blossoming beauty of his hidden talent of playing the piano.  I am so grateful.  Thank You God.

You see now?  This is all such a rush for me and a very grateful day for my children, my family, the gifts of homeschooling (no matter how tough and crazy and chaotic it usually is) and for music and piano recitals! 

Thank you God.  Thank you Mary and St. Joseph for protecting my children and leading us to homeschool.

So, here we are, getting ready for a 3:30 pm recital and I am so nervious for him!  I wonder if I'll be able to eat anything before the show! haaa haaa! :)

Gotta go get ready!
God bless,

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Book Lover said...

Great story and example of God's love for us. He knew exactly what your son needed and then provided it! Enjoy you proud mommy day!


Kim Chrisman