Saturday, May 8, 2010

Quick Takes-TGIS!!!

1.  It is Saturday morning at 7am and 3 of my children are still sleeping!!!  This is huge b/c our little guys are usually up quite early.  But I guess I should add that our baby was up at 5:48am...but still!  I will take some late sleepers around here! THis is great!
2.  WIth this late sleeping going on....I am making homemade waffles-yum!

3.  My 3 year old is cutting strawberries up all by himself for us all for breakfast today!  What a big boy ;)

4.  My oldest son had  his last Astronomy class for the year on Wednesday night...his did great!  He got a certificate and they stayed outside with the teachers' super deee-duper telescope till uh, 9:30 pm!  AND let me tell you that the house we have the class at is almost 40 minutes away!  I was a weeee bit tired that night as you can imagine.

5.  Also that day I decided to pack it all up and head to the beach to have a little science field trip.  It was awesome, great weather too and we went w/ a friend w/ her 4 kids.  It was a blast-AND there was a Nature Center teacher there teaching these middle school kids and they invited our kids to learn about all the stuff too.  Talk about a free science trip! COOL!
6.  My husband is doing some painting around the house, we have to make some runs to the local town dump, and we are cleaning.  Spring cleaning at its best!

God bless,

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