Saturday, May 15, 2010

Don't worry

Everything is just fine around here.  No big problems.  Sorry that I have not posted lately.  I truly miss it b/c I enjoy it so much but life is busy lately.  We are trying to finish up our school year.  AND I just realized that I never did post about all the programs and different ciriculums we used this year.  Well, maybe that will be a good post of the pros and cons of them.  We'l see what like wil bring and maybe I'll have time to do that ;)

3 kids in soccer and lots of fresh air with my kids pulls me away from this computer-not a bad thing, right?!

We'll be enjoying a sunny slightly warm day today- so excited!!! ;)  I doubt I'll be back today anytime soon!!!  Maybe....or maybe not ;)

God bless,

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