Sunday, December 21, 2008

Recipe Anyone?

Is there such a thing as messing up just about the EASIEST recipe in the world ever?!?! It is SO easy that there is ONLY 3 items necessary: pretzels, yummy Hershey kisses and ..ta da...the oven. How could a mom with three little helpers mess up and ruin this super easy recipe?!
Let me tell you...instead of 275 degree oven, I started it at 300 degrees inching its way up to 350 degrees and why, you ask? I was waiting for the yummy Hershey kiss to melt. After waiting almost 15 mins and not melting yet as from what I saw OUTSIDE the oven, I thought this was a warning for me that just maybe I was doing something wrong-uhm..yeah, hello?!
So, calling my sister up frantically "What is going on, what did I do wrong?!?!" She fills me in on the CORRECT recipe directions- 275 degrees for 3-4 mins. That is it. Easy enough? I hastily took the 60 or so out of the oven, only to find out as I squished the M&M on top to smooth down the 'melted' chocolate, it crumbled all over. Each one crumbled. I was so not happy about this Christmas gift idea that needed to be sent out ASAP to arrive BEFORE Christmas. What a bummer, we were snowed in so no going out to replenish our supply and start over!
So, what is a mom to do about this? Nothing other than, say to your loving family that you need to clean up and change the sheets in your bedroom (uhm...or hide out in your bedroom with a bag full of incredibly dry, crunchy pretzels and evaporated dry chocolate! Yes, I am a total wimp to resist even dry chocolate. No sense in it going to waste!)
Only a mom who has 200 million things on her mind can pull this stunt off.
And that mom is me.
And I sure am glad I can laugh about it now.
God bless,


Miss Heather said...

Yes well, you didn't hear about our Thanksgiving episode....LOL

Let's just say that for years my mom has complained about her oven and no one believed her. This year, I cooked the turkey in her old oven (mind you, I've been cooking turkeys for the 14 years of A's life with nary a problem...) and I take the turkey out when it supposed to be done and it's still dripping RED juices....bright RED juices.....

So, with a houseful of folks, it took another 2 & 1/2 hours for the turkey to finish.

This Christmas I'm asking Santa for a new oven!

I'll let you know how I make out!

Mary said...

Please do tell me! I will hope Santa is good to you and you get no coal but a new oven! :)