Monday, December 15, 2008

Here We Go Again!!!

Well, it happened yet again for like the 500th time...
"Is that a daycare you have?" a nice older lady inquired.
"Nope, just my bunch, and yes, it is my van." I replied w/ a huge grin.

I've come to terms with others' awes or smirks. (Took a while!)
Well, lookie here everyone-Yes, they're all mine. No, I'm not running a daycare. No, I am not crazy. And yes indeed, my husband and I know what we are doing (we do it quite well, huh? ha ha)
...I'm just doing my part of God's Will-so, who can argue w/ the Big Boss????

God bless,

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Anonymous said...

We love your blog and we love your big beautiful family! Happy Holy Days, Jeanne