Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My husband posted for MY blog for today!

It is official. My husband is totally into my blog. In fact, this morning as I dragged my sleepy body around the corner into the kitchen, thinking coffee, coffee, coffee- where are you... I was startled to see my husband in such enthusiam about what? You guessed it, my blog! He tells me he has written MY post for MY blog for today! Can you believe this?! It's even comes complete with photos too! I am so very impressed. You never fail to amaze me, my dear :)
Well, here you go people...enjoy! (and thanks, hon-you are the best! and oh, by the way, I LOVE the new names you have for our offspring!!!)
It has been done! The dream has been realized…The Coupe is now a convertible. In a feat of engineering genius the Cheerio Children has redesigned the popular Coupe car.

Road and Track Magazine is calling it the greatest invention/modification in the history of the automotive world.

When asked what was their inspiration for a such a revolutionary design was the humble Cheerio Child # 4 said, “I only tired to break this toy like I’ve broken hundreds before…I never dreamed it would become so popular”.

Consequently, the Big Three automakers are no longer looking for the US tax payers to bail them out…they are now in talks with the Cheerio Children to redesign all their cars.

Thank you Cheerio Children…you guys are the greatest!


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I love those Cheerio children! I especially love how you all turn things positive. I've always said what we really need to fix this country is a President who is only 7! LOL