Monday, December 29, 2008

Join Me for Tea

Can anyone out there in blog world take a guess as to what came into my teacup as I was pouring some hot water from the tea kettle for my afternoon cup of tea...ya know that little 'kick' we need to get us through the next few hours ?!
Go ahead, take a look...then take a guess- be creative-it's a hard one~! Who knows...There might even be a prize for the one who guesses totally 100% right! (well, maybe...)
(Hint Hint: My 22 month old was just playing with the tea kettle last night...I know, people, don't badger me on this one...he just needed something to keep him quiet and STILL and the kettle was doing it! So, maybe I was due this cup of tea afterall...)

Life is just not exciting enough...argh!
God bless,

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