Monday, August 1, 2011

Afterall, guess I am ok.

This morning was chaotic and hectic, loud and crudeness erupted everywhere! 

Mondays are sometimes like that, right?

That's just to make me feel better, saying that, ya know.  (or maybe not! ha lol). 

If I jotted down (which I was terribly tempted to do) every single crazy and outlandish thing that had happened this morning, I may frighten away any woman out there from having children!!! lol!


I am not kidding, at all.  Nope.

I waited to call my hubby to tell him all my life horror stories from a single morning, a measly 4 hours.  I waited and I was so in dire need of venting.  But I waited.  B/c if your hubby is anything like my hubby, he cares so much and loves so tenderly, that when hearing upon my venting words, he wants to come home, fix whatever needs fixing, and that's that.  And, of course, he is focused on home, --me, and the kids.  Not bad-he's a keeper, for sure.  BUT he is at work.  It is not good to be focused on HOME when he is at WORK.  Someone is making the bread $, and it surely is not me, of course! :)

Anyway, so I finally got him 10 mins before I knew he was heading to noon Mass.  (Good and holy hubby! Love him!)  When I did talk to him, by that time, I was cooled off, recollected, and ready to tackle at least lunch time.  He was proud of how I was handling my self & in control.  Hey, I was too! :)  It was surely God working through me to get me that cooled off place and definitely not me, by myself.  Noway.  (Thank You, God!)

So, now lunch is officially over, and some kidos are napping.  My sweet little lady is napping for the 2nd time IN HER OWN CRIB and NOT IN MY ROOM but the girls room!!! :)  I hope it lasts longer than the 20 min nap this morning (when she usually naps a good 1-2 hours).

My big kids are 'playing school'-I even got them some 'real school books'!!! Phonics for this upcoming year and I am hearing my oldest being the teacher for the 9, 7 and 5yr olds.  They are so cute.  They don't mind starting school already-they are excited to get going-and since we take a longer Advent and Christmas break, this seems to be perfect :)  I was not going to start school till after Labor Day (as in the past 7 yrs) but this year, if they are ready and I have the books, then so am I! :)  By the way, I have had them doing some math manipulates and reading the past 4 plus weeks since we got back from our vacation back in June.  We stopped school at the end of May, took 3 weeks off, then we went on vacation for a week.   I have noticed with my kids that 3 weeks is enough for them of dwadling and having a break.  Their souls, minds, and bodies are ready to be scheduled again. 

Since we have been working diligently on our very strict and quick changing family schedule, we have instituted FAMILY PRAYER TIME 2x a day!  How about that?  I love it!!!  It was always what I wanted to do but could never 'find the time to do it'.  That was my excuse and is was rampant around here.  Not now.  Things have changed.  For the better, I might add.

Feeling it was necessary to show and teach the kids about praying and how God answers our prayers, we began a Family Prayer of Intentions Book.  One of my kids jotted down at lunch, today:

1.  A family member to go to confession
2.  Mom
3.  New Baby

What was that?

Nope, we are not expecting (at least not yet that I am aware of !) but I found it so touching that this child would ask for another sibling after a morning this today.  After a morning that held too many regrets on my part of saying too much too flippantly to this child.  Yet, he is asking God for a sibling. 

Wow, this absolutely amazes me. 

I guess I am not so bad of a momma, after all.

All Praise and honor be to God alone.  This is not my doing.

God bless your day!


bobbi @ revolution of love said...

We all have those mornings - I hear ya! But intention #3, I had to smile. So cute!

I also loved the idea of having a prayer intention book. We used to have one before the kids were born but haven't used it much lately. I think it's time to start again. :-)

Charlotte (Waltzing Matilda) said...

Hi Mary,
I left you a comment on my curriculum sale blog post but maybe you didn't see it. I'm holding that book for you, if you still want it, but I need you to send me an email so I can get your information.


saluwhat at gmail dot com