Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How we do it-- Part 1 *updated*

Oh, yeah, did I tell you that we ditched all TV/Movies? 

Oh, I didn't?


Yup, we surely are making this a family lifestyle MAKEOVER lately! :)

I know...I know....don't start.  I know it is odd.  I know we may be missing out on the news.   I know we are missing out on a helper per se..a 'babysitter' of sorts.  I know I might be missing out on some good movies or shows out there.  Can we be any more 'wierd' in the sight of the world, other than having 7 children that make us stand out?
But do you know what else?

Our children are worth it.
We felt compelled to do this. 
We felt God leading us to this decision.
We felt God calling us to this radical decision and who are we to disobey His Will?

It truly has been a radical change in our family.  It is a lot of hard work.  Constantly.  But our children are worth it.  Their souls are worth it.

The big motivator for this decision was the trash all over movies and tv, which is awful.  There is not much uplifting of family life& marriage & children but just the opposite.  If this marriage and family and children is what God upholds as wonderful and beautiful, why would I subject myself or my children to watching those things that are the opposite of what God desires?  When we need to tell our children about something on the news or something that we feel is necessary to, then we will.  We, as parents, will pick the right time to tell them.  We  are their parents, afterall.

The other BIG motivator for this decision for our family was realizing how much time is plainly wasted by watching tv/movies.  When we decided to forge ahead on making this schedule, we were in awe of how much we wanted to accomplish with our God-given time.  Seriously.  We did not want to waste this precious time with our children on this sort of entertainment. 

It is so evident that we made the RIGHT decision.

Since the TV/movies have been off and gone, we have been so much more resourceful.  My kids have shown great growth in creativity.  Some of my kids have really matured in so many ways.  We have instituted "Books on CD" and quiet time in those times that I would have put on a movie, daily.  One of my children, my 4 yr old sweet guy, has been talking so much better, using better words than what I have seen.  We have been spending, and I mean really spending TIME with our children-being present with them.  Not one eye on the tv and one eye on them.  Not the "wait a minute" and I'll be there b/c I really want to see what happens with so and so in this show.  We have found our children focusing on us as much as we are on them.  They are happier b/c we are giving as much as we can to them.  I really think they are feeling better about themselves and feeling the value of themselves in our family b/c God put them here in our family.  B/c we are present to them.  We truly believe it is b/c of no more TV/movies.

(FYI---Of course, if they are sick or if we deem it is necessary, then we are not totally opposed to it.  IF it is educational, then we may feel it is okay.  There are some grey areas for this decision.)

Well, best go now...time to get back to my kids.  We are all enjoying a most beautiful day outside.  My kids are using some boxes on our front lawn making them into air space shuttles and whatever else!  It is quite amusing for my little lady and I to watch.  To the rest of the neighborhood, it looks as if we are having a yard sale!!! haa haa!!! LOL

Go summer!!!!
God bless,

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