Saturday, August 20, 2011

How we do it-Chores-Part 2

The main comment or question that I get when I am out with all my kids is...
you guessed it.

"How do you DO it?"
"There is noway I could do what you do."

First off, let me tell you something. 

You are right.  Absolutely right. 

There is noway I do it and noway I can do it.  The ONLY way and I mean it, the ONLY way I can do this is with the grace of God.  He is the one that helps me.  He is the one that gives me strength.  He is the one that keeps me forging ahead. 

How does HE do it? 

B/c I ask Him.  I beg Him.  And most of all, I allow HIM to help me.  I pray and I pray some more.

Yes, I fail.  I mess up.  Everyday. 

But yet, I wipe my tears and beg God to give me the graces to get up and try again.

How can I not mention my wonderful husband?  He is always willing to help out and do whatever needs to be done.  He is a super example of a father to our children.

He is always looking for ways to lessen my load.  I could not ask for better!!! He spoils me in his generosity.  I just wish I make him feel as loved and as important as he makes me feel.  He is so awesome.  I thank God for him everyday.
Now, the practical side of how exactly we do it.  And since I am not exactly sure what is meant by "it" but nonetheless, I will try to answer that persistent question. I think it means keeping house.  If not, please let me know.  I will try to answer that in another post.


Our family is a team.

Everyday we all have our daily chores to accomplish.  There is noway that I could be the housekeeper and tend to this house all by myself and be a calm wife and mom!!!

They each have their own morning chores and then the family's afernoon and evening chores.  The boys also have their outside chore work once a day.

Since you have asked, here are their family afternoon and evening chores... roughly:

10 yr old: Take trash outside -2 cans of trash; sweep kitchen and foyer; empty dishwasher; outside work
9 yr old:  Fold laundry; put dirty dishes into dishwasher; clean up play room and living room
7 yr old:  Laundry switchover, vacuum under dining room table; wipe down walls and doorways w/magic eraser; outside work
5 yr old:  Fold laundry; clear off table after meals
4 yr old:  Put clean utensils away; help fold laundry and help clear off table after meals
2 yr old:  Help other siblings as needed or be w/Momma
6 month old BABY:  Nurse and nap!!! :)

They do these jobs mid afternoon right before or after snack and evening chores right after dinner.
My husband makes sure these are done after dinner too! He is an awesome motivator to our children! :)  He really has that gift and I am always learning so much from him.
I hope that helps clear things up. 

They certainly do not do the best job ever but they sure do a great job for their age! :)  Having a big family helps me to accept their jobs doen to the best of their ability and let go of perfection.  I am just glad I have the help!!!

God bless your weekend,


bobbi @ revolution of love said...

I love that you included their actual chores. I think I need to let my kids take on more responsibility. And thx for the reminder to not worry if it's not done "perfectly." :-)

Mary @ Cheerios said...

You're welcome :) Glad I could help out, b/c I remember not knowing exactly what they could or should do either. A whole lot of 'letting go'-great lesson to keep learning over and over again!!! :) God bless,
Mary @ Cheerios