Tuesday, August 30, 2011


"God is so faithful."

Those words are echoing in my heart this morning.  About 2 months ago, I added in walking to our family schedule.  What a joy this has been.  It has also its share of trials, as I am not a morning person (have I ever mentioned that?!?!? haa haaa!!!).  Overall it is a real blessing. 

God is faithful.

Fresh air. 

Birds singing. 

Time for me to soften my many thoughts and worries and place myself at ease.  I envisioned myself walking with rosary in hand, praying devoutly.  But I realized very quickly that my early morning walking is me just trying to wake up!!! :)  I sort am in a haze for the first 10 mins.  THen the next 10 mins are pretty good and I am awake to tackle the day, kids at the door and husband awaiting my return. 

God is faithful.

A great early 20 mins of my day. 

Lately my neighbor has joined me.  A God-fearing- Bible talking- Jesus loving -Southern Christian homeschooling mom.  Yes, that is right-another homeschooling mom!  She has 6 children of her own-much more spaced out than mine, but lovely just the same.  What delight to have someone to walk with!!!  I am so thankful.  My wish of accountability of getting some exercise has come finally.

God is faithful. 

It is not everyday that we walk together, only 2 or 3 times a week.  I enjoy it so much.

My hopes is have this walking and talking time to be a time of honoring God.  Not a time for complaints, although it is very hard not to fall into that trap.  Here is another Mom with many kids who homeschools and is a neighbor of mine and understands this lifestyle?  Wow.

Today she reminded me of spending time "in the Word" and  she repeated to me that God is so faithful.  No doubt that God used her to get His point across.

God is faithful.  Yes, He is. God is faithful.

God bless,

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