Thursday, July 28, 2011

Older and Wiser

I know my kids are getting older.

How?  you ask?

This morning we met up with my dear friend and her 4 kids (+1 in belly-yay!!!) at a playground/park.  It was super fun! 

Then a some other kids showed up and they were a bit, uh... I guess you can say-un-ruly.  My first reaction was "Ugh. Oh boy..."  Then my 2nd reaction "Oh well-tis a great learning experience!!!"  (What a geeky homeschool thought! haa haa)

Anyway, for the most part, everyone interacted fairly well besides the expected bit of tension, teasing and little fights here and there between Boys vs. Girls..(love this crazy young age!).

Then we got home.

My oldest daughter says to me "Hey Mom, ya know what I said to those boys that were teasing us?"

(Oh no, I thought!)  "No, what did you say?"  I replied.

"I told them if they keep teasing me then I was gonna go get my big brother and he is 10!"

(Yes!   Good girl!  You go girl!!!)  "Oh really?"  I said, "So, did they stop?"

She says, "I think so and they sure got a bit nervous when they saw him coming.  That boy was only 9, ya know."

Big brothers totally rule! 
They absolutely do.

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