Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Pics

 Picture #1:  This is a super cute pic of my 5 yr old!  I found this so very funny!  Here she is looking studious and all yet sitting in a high chair!  haaa haaaa !!! I love LOVE my petite girls :)  They truly are so very petite.  We call her 1% b/c at her well check up this past week-she measured in only at 1 %!  But at least she made it onto the charts b/c my 9 yr old has YET to make it EVER!!!  I am glad God gave us petite girs-so girly and so sweet.  

Picture #2:  Now, you might wonder what this picture is all about and I don't think posting it gives it justice b/c it is really coooool!  I took it tonight of my oldest going into the kitchen and it was so bright in there.  We said it looked as if he was going to heaven!  It was a heavenly picture :)

Picture #3:  Cleaning and cleaning.  Lots o cleaning!  As parents, we are called to instruct and mentor our children, not just be 'their boss' telling them what to do.  We may be surprised at how the outcome may not meet our expectations.  Lately, we have been making the time to  really show them, step by step, what is expected of their duty and how to attain that goal.  This is truly hands on learning.  A big shout out goes to my wonderful husband who has taken a great deal of time really 'being' with our kids and showing them.  Esp. my boys.  Let us not forget how a father has such impact on his boys!!!  (Thanks sweetie, I love you so!)

 Picture #4:  Look at this marvelous piece of work created (without directions, mind you!) by my oldest!  Amazing, huh?  It is a satellite.  Cool.  Very cool, dude.

 Picture # 5:  Did I mention cleaning?  Oh yeah, I guess I did.  This shot was taken from ABOVE, as you can probably tell.  Pretty creative, huh?  That would be my 10 yr old son who climbed ON TOP of our 15 passenger van just to get this shot.  That thought creeps me out but this shot, I really dig it! :)

Picture #6:   Here is another shot from above taken of my 4 yr old little teddy bear man, working hard.  So cute!

Good night and God bless,


Maurisa said...

Love the photos from above :)

Pro-life mom said...

Bigger girls can be girly girls, too. I take great pride in my children, also. Just saying...We fight hard enough with the Hollywood stereotyping that only small girls are worthy of attention.

Mary @ Cheerios said...

Pro-life mom,
I apologize if I came off as though I do not think bigger girls can be girly too. Of course they can! Absolutely they deserve that attention too. I was just implying that my girls are both girly girls and petite. That's all. I am far from petite as my family is much bigger than my husband's family (both his mom and sis are not even 5 ft). So, this smallness pretty much amazes me. I am 5'7" and the shortest in my family w/lots close to or over 6ft tall. We are all perfect in God's designs worthy of His attention-praise God!
Thanks for writing in! God bless,