Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer 2010 in Pictures!

I finally, and I mean FINALLY!!! got my pictures on the computer.  Here are some from the summer.  I am sure there will be many more to come as time permits!

1)  Happy 8th Birthday to my kid #2~!  So much for a creative cake...I was down and out with first trimester blues and could only muster up cupcakes!!!  But having a party with her very best friends made up for Momma's lousy wanna be cake!

2)  Spring soccer!  Fun!  There's my kid #1 as goalie-he loves that position

3)  Random sunny summer day picture. 

4)  Lincoln log fort

5)  My monkeys on the monkey bars!

6)  Buddy playing time...

7)  What is summer without a pool and slide? 

8)  Roasting Marshmallows

9)  What is a hike without catching a FROG?!

more hiking...

10)  Ending our summer with a family vacation.  It was incredible!  Here is our youngest (almost 23 months) on a supposed to be 'pony ride' but with a real size horse.  Was he scared?  With Daddy by his side, he hopped up and even said "Giddy-up!"  HAAA HAAA!!!

11)  Lastly, do you remember my last post that included my son catching a butterfly?  (BTW, he is very good at this!  Indeed he caught another one this weekend too!)  We kept this particular butterfly in a special butterfly cage overnight.  The following morning we let him loose throughout our house and the kids loved it!  But it had to end when he landed on the rug under my son's leg and then my littlest son went over and stepped on the poor thing!  But we think he is okay, we decided to let him go after that incident and away he flew.  Each of my kids had a turn holding the butterfly on their fingers.  It was awesome!

..........Maybe there'll be more pics to come...!!! :)

God bless,

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