Thursday, August 5, 2010

Reality check

When I plan to go to DMV to get a new state license, I need to be ready to wait a long time.

A long time to see the information desk lady.

Just to have her tell me that I do not have the right documents.

So I go home and get another document.

She does not like that one either.

So I go home again and get something else.

She is not sure so she still gives me a number and I wait. 

I wait a long time again.

Just to see the desk lady who reviews my documents. 

She is not satisfied either.

So I go home really impatient.

God is teaching me major patience.  Why?  I wonder.

I wait 2 days and go back.  I bring the document they asked for.

They do not like it.

I go home to get the last possible document and I am so not very happy at that point.

I go back to the DMV.

They like it!  They approve them all!

I have a new lincense on its way!!!

A reminder to myself that:
Life is sometimes NEVER what you expect!!!

I did declare to my hubby that I am not going back for any car registrations or ANYTHING!!!

God bless,

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