Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm reading a book!

Between wet laundry that I keep forgetting to put into the dryer and keep putting that laundry back through another of clean laundry that are adorning my living room couches....but for some odd reason I have found time to squeeze in a little reading. Imagine that!  Reading a book!

So, what am I reading, you ask?

"Stay Home, Stay Happy--10 secrets to loving at-home motherhood" by Rachel Campos-Duffy. 

Thanks to my mother in law that saw her featured on EWTN a while back, she and my father in law bought me this book for my bday yesterday.  (Thanks T and S!!!)  It is an easy read which fits my life right now! haaaa haaaa ;)

There is one thing that she pointed out and reminded me in this book that I am focusing on:

"Whenever I feel overwhelmed or down, I remind myself that this is, indeed, my choice
Unlike women of earlier generations, most of us have made a choice to be at-home mothers.  There is real power in exercising choice." (Pg 25).

.....And I'll leave it at that.

God bless,

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