Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gone for 34 days!

You'll not hear from me for a while here on this blog. 

Ya know, longer than this week that I did not blog a thing.  Did you even notice?  Haaa haaaa!!!!  Well, we were just on a family vacation!  What a gift  for us all!!!  It was wonderful, even more wonderful than last year.  In fact, so wonderful that both my husband and I are feeling very called to consecrate our family to Jesus through Mary.  It follows the act of Total Consecration by St. Lous de Montfort.  See HERE

We have the whole kit to do it and are pumped up.  I figured, why not?  It surely cannot hurt us but only help us and help others!!!  Both my hubby and I are very excited to do this, feel so called to do this and we are doing this together!!! I am so blessed to have this hubby of mine.  What a blessing he is to our family~! 

We have been struggling saying the Holy Rosary as a family for a while now.  This helps us to focus on saying the Rosary as a family daily, starting with a decade first and building up.  I have all these wonderful ideas on how to set up our "domestic church" -- an actual  prayer room-complete with an altar!  I am sure it will be so beautiful and hopefully pleasing to Mother Mary and our Lord too!

It takes 34 days, so that's what I am going to be focused on. 

Now now, I may feel inclined to post a thing here and there, so do check back, ok?!?!?

Oh,on a totally different topic... I also decided on a ciriculum that will fit our family for this school year.  What a relief to be settled on one.  Catholic Heritage Cirriculum it is.  See HERE.   Now all I have left to do is order the grade level kits ;) !  We do not have a set day to start school.  Initally it was going to be this week, but nope! not ready yet!  As in....have not ordered their books yet! haaa haaa .  But I am not worried, in God's good timing.

CHC seems to me, to be more slower paced, which is perfect for this school year.  With baby #7 due in January, I know we will not be schooling for a while then.  Plus, this year, both my hubby and I agree that this school year will be more about HOME than about SCHOOL  (HOME-SCHOOL).  We have a lot of work to do at home here and I thank God for all His awesome gifts to us. 

I am not overwhelmed and am actually looking forward, really looking forward to school this year!  What a joy to be the excited Mom to teach.  Thank You God for these graces-keep them coming!!!

On this great feast of St. Maximillian Kolbe-one of our very very favorites---Happy Feast day!!!

One last thing as we are in the midst of our Family's Total Consecration...If you can remember amongst all of life's craziness, would you please keep my family in your prayers, thank you!

God bless,

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