Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hey, Caught ya!

Catching frogs is a must in our family...our backyard, at the park or playground, on a name it, my kids will find a frog there...

Then my kid #3 loves to catch these beautiful creatures!  These I really like...

But things were to change....and then....just yesterday...we spotted this....

There.  Can you see him better now?

"Get a bucket!"  I yelled to my kid #3! 

Sure enough he did and kid #1 went for the catch.

Check out our big catch of the day!
He really is pretty cute, don't you think? 

We were really glad it was not this kind of turtle...

A snapper turtle!  YIKES!!!

What makes a playdate even better?  Just before our friends (from our previous state! :)) left, I noticed that lil guy walking in our backyard-and we caught him!  Needless to say, they enjoyed watching him immensely!  Our first EVER box turtle!  Now it's time for us to learn all about turtles...who knows what else we will find and catch in our backyard!

As you can easily tell, my kids really and I mean really enjoy catching all sorts of bugs and insects, butterflies, frogs and toads, and now turtles!

I have a feeling that SCIENCE CLASS is going to be REALLY COOL THIS YEAR!!!
We're off to a great start!!!

God bless,

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Tonya said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog! I TOTALLY get what you are saying and agree with you sooo much. So much in fact that we did exactly that last year. Sigh. I guess I can't bag most of school for this year as well. :-) You did NOT come off harsh. We need to be encouraged, challenged and even questioned! Thank you for being willing to do that!

Oh, love the turtle. I'm a tad jealous of it even. Way way cool. Will you keep it long? We caught crawdads last year. They made my basement smell horrid, so we didn't keep them as long as my kids would have liked.