Saturday, May 26, 2012

Quick Takes Memorial Wknd Edition

1.  A bag full of cheesy old style non-Nerf guns for $1 goes a loooooooooooong way to make little people very giddy and happy! 

2.  Went for the 1st time to a Farmers Market and it was awesome!  Why oh why have I not done this before?  And I know our food will be depleted very in less than 3 or 4 days but oh well!  This food is delicious- we can totally taste the difference. 

3.  My amazing hubby and boys are making some bird houses for me :)  It was supposed to be more of a late mothers day gift and I am so thankful.  So very blessed.  Have I told you how much I love birds?

4.  At that farmers market I bought my first tomato plant of the season.  Should I have bought more?  Not sure! :)  So far, the kidos are liking it a lot and only pulled off ONE tomato.  I told them HANDS OFF MY BOB!

5.   Yes, I said Bob.  I named my fellow plant, BOB.  After Bob the Tomato from Veggie tales :) 

6.  Hand me down clothes are great.  We waited  a very very long time to get a few bags (as in almost over a year, I think) and in those bags was a Bob the Tomato red t-shirt for my 5 yr old teddy bear!!! He loves it and so do I.  Reason why I named my plant  Bob.  Heee heee

7.  I made eggplant Parmesan for dinner tonight and it smells soooooooooo good in here!  My hubby came back from Home depot buying the wood and supplies needed for the bird houses and he was quite happy w/that smell too!  I love to make my man happy with the food I make!!! A little joy for me b/c I love to cook and I made it and for him too  b/c he gets to eat it!

8.  Last year this time we were back in our old stomping grounds up North, spending time w/family and getting ready to run the 20 K for my hubby and my oldest ran the 4K while all my little kidos ran the kids run.  They just don't have a lot of them down here.   Bummmer.... In fact, my hubby was thinking of signing up for a marathon again (tried 3 yrs ago and was up to 22 miles in training w/3 weeks left and hurt both his knees ---poor guy).  They were sold out!  Can you imagine that?!?!?  Only living down here with  this population would a marathon sold out.  gee wiz.

9.  We finished those CAT TESTS!!!!!  Yes!  But I am such a mean mom...b/c I am still making them do school work.  Low key school work and reading but still some to do! :)  Lots of fun ways to learn-games, card games, board games, computer games- all w/ a style of learning and having gun while doing it.  Lots of reading too.  Lots of read alouds and I am going to make some type of a reading worm and have a little competition on who can read the most books in their age group!!! :)
10.    Biggest goal of this summer:  Learn how to SEW!  Sewing machine SEW!!!  I am pretty excited and pretty nervous!  My dream would be to make a quilt with some clothes that my kids out grew that I am sentimental about.  We'll see.

11.  Not sure about joining the pool.  So much immodesty there!!!  But SO hot here!!! HUMID HOT!!!  Praying on that one.  Maybe I'll just buy a big ol TROUGH.  Whatta think? ha! :)  But I am pretty serious.  Kinda.  Yeah.

12.  I gave my kids an end of the school year home school questionnaire and that was totally an inspiration from the Holy Spirit.  It was SO cool!!!  I thought that I knew what they would answer and I think for the most part, I was right on but it was awesome to find out some things that were so surprising!  I loved this!  I am so going to do this every year! :)

Best go now~!!!
God bless, Mary

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