Friday, May 11, 2012

Next year plans

Just writing that title makes me feel a bit uneasy.

Well, it's that time of the year once again when I shutter to think about next year all the while not being done with this year.  I need a break to rest my mind!  But, I am forced to think about it-homeschool circles and friends are all talking about it and reading about it.

I need to seriously examine what worked this year and what did not.
I need to figure out if I am going to stay with my current curriculum/books that we used this year or change completely over to something different, something new.

All these questions and thoughts are not simple!

I could just say... "Well, my kids are passing their CAT tests each year and thats good so if it's not broken, why fix it?"  I could say that, right?  They are learning but I can't agree that is enough. 

That is not being a proactive and pro-thinking teacher...right???

I not only want my children to learn but to LOVE LEARNING.

Each year is different.  Each child is different.  Each child is going into a different school year. 

So, things ARE different so I have to adapt.

More to come on this.....

God bless, Mary

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