Monday, May 7, 2012

Quick Takes May 2012

Not sure where to, it'll be more a 'quick takes' about our life recently.
1.  Just got back from an eye dr. appt for one of my children.  The appt was at 2:35 and we got home by 5:45.  Lovely.  Trying hard not to complain! :)

2.  As for complaining-it's been a bit rampant around here lately.  So, I have instituted a little reminder.  When someone does (me and Daddy included) and if someone else notices, we squeeze our noses b/c....let's face it-COMPLAINING STINKS! haa haaa.  Seriously!

3.  As for the eye dr. appt-they were not too happy with us.  What is up w/that?!?? I mean, it IS a pediatric stinkin' eye doctors-aren't they used to a bit of noise and play?  argh.  The appt went fine.  No glasses needed and all is ok.  (for now, at least!)

4.  We are going green.  As in natural-baby.  Yup, all organic and natural and no preservatives or additives ..yadda yadda yadda.  More $?  You bet.   But not too much more and the GREAT thing is that my kidos are really liking the taste of the new food deal!  Yeah.

5.  Why are we going granola?  Well, for a number of reasons.  The nasty bad food really does affect kids' in bad behavior.  We all feel better and we (as in MOMMMA AND DADDY!) have MORE energy.  And we'll take any extra energy we can get to keep up w/the kids!  They are sleeping!  did you hear me???? SLEEEEEEPING! woohoo!!
6.    We only have 20 more days of school.  we are in the stretch and the kids are lovin' it!  we have made a cute little countdown calender and they are finishing up books as each day passes.  Granted our break will probably only last about 3 weeks (always does!) till the 'free for all' wears off and then they start asking to do school.  Oh, yes, we homeschool.  Another great joy-they ASK to do schoolwork!!!

7.  The kids are all asking God for another baby.  How sweet!!! He has not found that it is in His timing but we are waiting and waiting to see what God has in store for us.  His will be done.

8.  I have some grand plans for the summer. Stay tuned.

9.  I have a "new look" and my hubby loves it.  As in LOVES it!!! :)  My hair is down almost every day and it is straight!! :)  Thank God for those FLAT IRONS!!! :)  I never used one before and now I think I'll never go without it!

10.  I am still trying to keep up w/exercise and walking a few times a week.  We had some nasty humid days so I didn't even venture out.  But now it has been so lovely-I don't want to come in!

11.   I was at a new store last week w/ ALL THE KIDS (remember I hate to go food shopping w/the kids!?!? yeah...) I went with them and we literally had a caravan.  Just about all the customers stopped and looked and looked and looked.  I am pretty used to a look, a glance, a smile and the shocked looks but this was WAY over the top!  Some of the people were literally like yelling.  It was so embarrassing.  My kids all looked at me with bugged out eyes like "What's the big deal?" haaaahaa

12.  This past weekend, 2 of my kids made their 1st Holy Communion.  It was beautiful.  Amazing and sweet.  I loved this weekend.  We had both sets of grandparents here to join us.  Couldn't get better than that.  Now they are gone and we're all a bit sad.  Being so far from family is SO hard....

God bless you and your families,

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