Wednesday, May 2, 2012

1st Holy Communion prep

Yes, I am still here :)
We are in the midst of preparing for 1st Holy Communion for 2 of my kids this Saturday! :)

It is a great time, albeit a bit overwhelming, but so wonderful.

Thanks to Minnesota Mom for the super First Holy Communion Novena that we are praying in preparation for the big day.

My oldest will also be an altar server which he is elated about.  This innocent joy they all exude is so contagious!

Lord, help me prepare their hearts to receive you in such a special way in only a few days!  Help us not to be wrapped up in all the exterior things that go along w/celebrations (clean house, good food etc...) and help me to focus again on receiving You in a special way..each time I receive You.  All our patron saints, pray for us!  All our guardian angels, pray for us!
God bless,

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