Sunday, September 4, 2011

How we do it-Bulk and Buy on Sale-Part 3

I wonder how many parts I will end up writing!!! haa haaa!!! :)
Not sure but once a thought comes that stands out in my mind as "Aha!  That is the way we do it with big families! :)", then I jot it down.

Here is Part 1

Here is Part 2

So, here we go with "How we do it-Part 3"

Buy in BULK and buy what is ON SALE.

CHALK:   We do not have the cute colored chalk that holds 8 chalk.  No, we have 52 sticks of colored chalk.  Yup!  My kids LOVE chalk-you should see all over our driveway, walkway, sidewalk and the road...and even our back deck!  It is quite hilarious!!! :)

ART SUPPLIES:  20 glue sticks, 10 paints, 72 pencils, case of printing/copy paper, 20 boxes of crayons, 20 cases of markers, 5 huge piles of construction paper, 20 cent composition books and 1cent staples notebooks.  Found LOTS at Walmart and Staples. 
I usually go through almost ALL Of this before Christmas so then I ask for arts and crafts supplies as the main need for presents!

CLOTHES FOR MY KIDS:  FREE! from generous and awesome friends-we are so thankful!!!

If I cannot find things on sale-then I look for it at the thrift and goodwill stores.  If not there, I can usually find it at tag sales!  God SO provides, all we need to do is be open to HOW God wants to provide for us!!! :)

THere are so many other things that I know I forgot so I will add them as time permits.

God bless your Sunday,

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