Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bugs and Insects and Reptiles...oh my!

It's a good thing that I don't mind bugs and insects and anything else my kids seem to find and catch and run up to me in great wonder and amazement and with great confidence and joy! 
I was looking through my pics on my computer to send some overdue pics of the kids and their bday parties to my family members and came across TONS (and I really do mean tons!) of pics of all the little creatures my kids (girls included, thank you!) that they found

One of my favorite...praying mantis' are sooooooo cool!!!!  Yes, it is one of my favorites...if there is such a thing? 
I guess so...for this momma!: )

Look at this little guy!  We have found about 5 or 6 over the summer and they are always a huge hit.  Here is one enjoying our little baby pool (and we were done using it!) so it became his little home for the day.

WOnder and amazement of God's creations...

Looking at his every move--close ups!  My 4 yr old loved to see him pop his head out and then quickly in when he raised his voice at the poor little guy.  It was quite funny, though!

Our little habitat for a friendly toad

Can't get enough of these creatures...

Mr. Praying Mantis-see this one is brown?  The other one in the top pic is green.  They are really cool! :)

God bless,

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