Monday, September 5, 2011

Lil' Lady LOVES water!

Have you ever had a baby that absolutely LOVES water?!?!?

I have some children that really enjoy it and we call them little fishes but never have I had a baby that really really loves water!:)

Changing diapers is always a test of my strength, as the changing pad is right next to the sink on the vanity.  She is so strong and turning this way and that way to get to the water faucet.  Just this past week she has learned to use her strength to pick her body up and plop it down.  Not quite the crawl that I am used to, it sort of reminds me of an inch worm in which its' back part of body does not move. Ha!!! It is quite funny as she inches her way over to the faucet where I am washing my hands post diaper change.  If in a rare moon that she is crying (like this morning while I was out having coffee mulling over my schedule plans for school this year-I'll post that later in the week :)), we bring her right over to the kitchen sink and VOILA!  she stops! haa haa :)

She so loved the pool this summer and the baby pool on our back deck.  We were all so sad that our last pool day of the summer was this past Saturday ;(

She loves splashing all about in the water.  Water on face?  No problemo!  She is even happier if its on her face!  SO FUNNY!

My kid #5 was so anti-water, it took him to 1 1/2 yrs old to take a bath without screaming and crying.  It was awful-I felt like it was the worst thing I could do to him, and I think it was.  For that year and a 1/2, he only had maybe one bath a week.  I just could not muster up enough courage and patience to put him through the pain of a bath.  It really was that bad.  Then, one night at bath time, I put him in and he did not scream.  He did not cry.  He was not overly happy, but just content.  And that was that.  Weird to say the least~!

So, to have my Lil' Lady loving water is such a delight!!!

God bless,
p.s.  Happy labor day!  Now, go rest and have a cup of coffee ! LOL! :)


Maurisa said...

So cute!

Mary @ Cheerios said...

Thanks! WE ae so very thankful. So it your Lil Lamb! God bless,
Mary @ Cheerios

Mary @ Cheerios said...

I meant to say 'so is YOUR Lil' Lamb" !! LOL!