Monday, September 12, 2011

How we do it~ Sundays~Part 3

Le'ts go fly a kite!

You can do it, Daddy!!!

And there Daddy goes! Awesome!

Girls give their pink kite a try-they did great too!!!

See?  It was UP in the air at one point! :)

My 2 yr old on the go, go, go!  He is always up to something!!!
Without shoes, of course!!!
My little monkey...

So, how do you spend your Sundays? 

We really enjoy spending our Sundays FIRST early at 8am Mass, then our after Mass special chocolate chip scones...then naps..then OUT and About!!! This day we went to a park  or it could be a museum, hike, park, playground or the pool (for the summer!). 

We started this almost 12 yrs ago and it has such been a blessing in our family.

How do YOU spend your Sundays???

God bless,

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