Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Big Buddy!

My oldest child turned 9 today.

Yep, I said it. 9. As in 9 years old.
WOW! Those 9 years went pretty fast!

Last year we celebrated his 8th birthday ON Thanksgiving and he was delighted to eat a big fat turkey for his birthday dinner meal. This year, he was not disappointed since we all know left over Thanksgiving food is extra delicious the day AFTER Thanksgiving, right?!?!

We surprised him by taking a 2+ hour trip down to visit my parents and my sister, hubby and 3 children. These cousins are the best! They have constant FUN the entire time we are together. Anytime and anywhere we get together. It's the type of match where this Momma and Daddy ( and my hubby) actually get to sit, talk and relax while the giggles and joy abound in close proximity.

But, it was cut too short.

Hotels are just too expensive and due to the plain ol' fact that we all cannot fit into one hotel room and get this-actually sleep. And we'd be quickly found out and legally we cannot all be in only one hotel room so that would mean 2 hotel rooms. Nope, not for just a night, b/c we all know that little children and hotel rooms do not mix for a good restful night sleep which does equal lots of crabby munchkins the following day.

All that being said, we had a fantastic day and decided to drive home when it was still light out so that little ones could nap and big ones did not fall asleep (that would include us too! the parents!).

Getting back to wishing my oldest a very Happy 9th Birthday! Yipee! This is the last birthday he will have before the double digits-that will be a BIG birthday party!

Kid #1 got street hockey set-2 sticks, balls, pucks, tape-and it is the perfect thing to do in our big basement! He loves it and so does my hubby! We also got him this Star Wars big book, which he cannot read enough of!

Being the lego fanatic that he is, 2 new Lego sets for his birthday, he did both of them under 2 hours. (Look here for what I am talking about.) This kid amazes me! He has quite the gift of engineering and making these Lego sets-they say for ages 8/9-14. Good ol' grandparents came through and bought it for him. (Personally, I think they are quite expensive so that is why I get them from tag sales!) But he has been eyeing this specific one for almost 2 years ... so to say he was a bit excited and thrilled and full of happiness is an understatement!
He got this one too from his godfather. He also made it in under 2 hours too! Amazing. I am in awe.

That is what sums it up about how I feel about this big guy on his 9th birthday.
I am in awe of him.
He is extremely talented.
He is very smart and learns things very quickly.
He is an awesome altar boy.
He is very sensitive to the poor, homeless and hungry in our world. We were talking about the corporal works of mercy the other week and he had an idea that he just needed to talk to our pastor about. So, I called and made the appointment and he went right in and talked with him. He wants to collect clothes for the poor and homeless for our local St. Vincent De Paul Society. He made a box to collect items in and the following Sunday, Father mentioned it at the end of Mass. I am so very proud of him!
He is determined.
He is athletic-enjoys soccer and football the most.
He is full of energy.
He is sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
He is helpful to his siblings.
He loves art and drawing.
He loves creating and building things with Lego's and k'nex.
Did I mention that he has lots and lots of energy?!!
He loves to read.
He plays the piano so well for the songs he is being taught and even without any piano music!
He enjoys cooking and baking cakes and brownies. (yum!)
He loves to create science experiments.
He has dug numerous ditches/pits/trenches in our backyard.
He is very very strong! No joke-he can even pick me up...although I really would rather him not-I'm afraid he'll hurt his back!)
He knows how to treat girls/women.
He has asked and deeply is convicted that God is calling him as a missionary priest (probably a Franciscan) in the Philippines. He has constantly said this since he has been 7 yrs old. I am in awe.
See? I told you...I am in awe.
God is so good. I am so very thankful and grateful to God to have placed this awesome 9 yr old in our family. It surely would not be the same without him. He is such a gift!
He has such beautiful soul and has taught me so many things.
He never ceases to amaze me.

Happy Birthday big buddy! I love you tons!
Love, Mommy


gjdarr said...

Blessings to your son on his 9th birthday!! Wow, he sounds like a wonderful young man. Your blog came up in my morning review of missionary news and we are very much encouraged by the deep calling he feels to become a missionary. And, the Philippines no less! Our Maryknoll community has worked in the Philippines for many years -- a place of profound joy and heartache. I've been there myself though my own mission work has been in East Africa. Anyway, if you wish, drop me a line at and I will send him a small book, in celebration of his birthday, on what the poor taught us in mission. Blessings!

Gregory Darr
Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers

Mary said...

Thank you for visiting! My son read your comment and was thrilled! Thanks again. Please come visit my blog anytime!
God bless, Mary @ Cheerios