Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer schedules and such

My posts will probably not be too regular during these summer months.  Not that I was ever that regular of a blogger! haaa :) 

Summer has begun and we are enjoying the not so high humidity for just a wee bit longer till it hits us hard, which is anytime now.  I have to make up a new schedule for the family.  Just as I imagined, life is a bit crazy when there are not limits and boundaries and set times for things.  We all like to relax but with many little kids and the temperaments/personalities of them all, we do much better with some structure, even during the summertime.  That being said, we also like down time and free time :)  It is a fine balance that I am trying to figure out.  At this point, I know a schedule will be helpful.  It was last summer that we took the pluge for a real heavy duty schedule.

My hubby signed up for a marathon!  I am so proud of him!  Once again, he is going to train for one and we hope he will not get injured such as last time-3 weeks before the marathon!  poor guy.  His goal is to do one before he turns 4-0!  He still has 2+ years so this will be great.  It was a family decision for sure, with lots of prayer.  It is a big family sacrifice for all of us. 

That leads me to  how I am trying to get back into the walking deal 3-4 times a week.  I would like to turn that walk into a run possibly but not sure if I have it in me again!  I have not run in over 12 years!  It would be fun to sign up for  some 5K's and get back into it b/c I did like it.  I wonder if I would like it again?  I am not very competitive but enjoy it to a certain degree-not to a marathon degree, though! haaa!!! :)  You see, I have this gut.  Not the pregnant kind of gut but that other gut! :P     Running seems to do the trick to get that extra weight off for me.  I have been asked multiple times by my children if I am pregnant and my hearts sinks.  We would have been due with our baby just around this time (due early June) and my heart is just a little sad.  Of course, we would love another baby and welcome one if God so chosen but for right now, we are not.  This is the longest ever between children.  My lil' lady is 16 1/2 months and is still such  a  love, but she sure does have a voice and wants to let her siblings know she wants to do things by herself!  :)  God knows that it is not good timing for His Will, that is for sure b/c we have some big decisions to make in the next 2 months. 

Big as in ....buying a house.  Where?  Which one?  When?  The questions are endless.  We have been praying so hard to figure out what is God's Will in this.  Ultimately, we will ONLY be happy to do what HE wants, not what we want or think is best.  So, we are yielding to His direction and praying hard.  We are looking for His inspirations and guidance.  There are many things that I do not like about this house (which I have posted about) and my greatest ultimate house would be a farm house on a big chunk of land filled with goats, chickens etc...  Funny how life changes and interests change, huh?  I NEVER would have wanted that years ago but here I am just dreaming about it.  And that's all.  Dreaming.  Currently, we are in no way close to any farm land or much of any land at all, and in a town so full of cars and people.  Trying hard to see God's hand in this comes hard at times.  But then I think of all the good things I like about this house and there are some big ones such as a wooded back yard, cul-de-sac, good neighbors that home school too!

If you remember, please add this intention to your prayers that we are content and secure in God's will of where we should live no matter where it is.  Thanks so much!

God bless,

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